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Hello! You probably have been sent this page because you're a recruiter, or you've cold-contacted me offering me a job.

I am not currently interested in taking on new jobs from cold contacts. I have no problem finding jobs based on my reputation in the worldwide developer community. Thank you, but no thank you.

I explain this a bit more over on this page.

My LinkedIn profile says this:

No recruiters, thanks.

My "Contact me" page has this paragraph:

Recruiters: please include the phrase "Bravo Foxtrot Uniform", just so I know that you've done your research.

If you're a recruiter and you're reading this page: you have probably already failed my first two tests. You didn't include the magical phrase and you didn't follow my precise "no recruiters" instructions.

I have these two checks in place for a very good reason: I get contacted by a lot of people (recruiters and otherwise) about jobs, career opportunities, and related things. These two tests are the only way that I know that you've done your research on me and that you've figured out that I'm an especially good fit for the job, and not just another warm body that knows how to code. There are plenty of places that could hire me for my warm-bodyness, and a select few that would hire me for my skills and good fit into the company and their culture.

If you've reached this page, you're treating me like a warm body. In my professional experience, these kinds of job placements don't pan out well for company or candidate, and so I'm actively trying to avoid them.

I will only consider job offers from people who have done their research. Recruiters (or otherwise) who "cold-call" me through LinkedIn (or whatever) will be shown this page.