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I am currently looking for work.

I'm finishing up at Culture Amp at the end of November 2019. I'll be looking for work to begin in 2020.

At Culture Amp, I have been running a Junior Engineering Program (JEP) for 2 years, training two groups of junior developers -- about 20 people in total. I enjoyed this job so much that I would really love the opportunity to do something like that again at another company. You can read my JEP #1: Retrospective and JEP #2: The First 8 Weeks to get a feel for the kind of work I accomplished during the running of the JEP. And you can read to find out why I'm not running a third program and why I'm currently looking for work.

Before the JEP, I worked for over a decade in plenty of different spaces: developer relations, ecommerce and internet-of-things. I've been working with teams large and small, writing languages such as Elixir, Ruby, TypeScript, React, Ruby and Go.

Alongside my regular full time work, I have have also written almost 10 books on Ruby and Elixir over my career that have combined sales of over 15,000 copies.

My Ideal Role

I loved mentoring junior developers at Culture Amp. What mattered to me here is that I felt like I was making a difference in developers' lives, and I was consistently supported in whatever I wanted to accomplish. This is my happy place.

I have an incredible passion for growing new developers, and this is what I would love to keep doing over the long-term. As such, I am currently not interested in any "senior developer" role, in any language. I would really rather be teaching and growing developers at the moment.

Working on a team where I could mentor and grow the developers around me would be best. If that's coupled with building an exciting product then that is even better!

(Or if someone was to pay me to mentor juniors and write books full-time then I'd be up for that too!)


Q: Would you like to relocate to [insert destination here]? No. I want to stay here in Melbourne, Australia and continue to work from this great city. I am not interested in relocating at the moment. My family has strong ties to this city.

Q: We do onboarding for [a number] of weeks in our [remote] office. Would that be okay with you? No. I would be leaving my wife with our daughter for 6 weeks and that's not fair to anyone. Because my wife works full-time as a teacher, we cannot simply pack our bags and fly off somewhere for onboarding. An onboarding process I can do from Melbourne would be great.

Q: Would you like to work with our team that is US-remote only? You would be our first remote hire. I'd prefer not to at this stage. I did this previously and found the feedback loop really long. I would prefer to keep working with companies that have an AU presence, even if that's just a team of developers instead of a full office.

Want to contact me about a job?

If you're contacting me about a job: please include the phrase "Bravo Foxtrot Uniform", just so I know that you've done your research. It at least lets me know you reached this page and read this far. I explain my reasoning for this over here.

I would also appreciate it if you took the time to read my work history to get to know the kinds of companies I've chosen to work at before.

The best way to contact me is via email or Twitter (@ryanbigg). However, before you contact me please read the rest of this page.