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Working with me

I'll be straight with you: I am not currently looking for work. Especially not looking for work as a developer.

This means that you really, really should not contact me regarding any "new exciting opportunities" or the like.

I am not willing to relocate away from Melbourne, Australia at this time. Any job offer for another city or country would definitely be wasting your time.

Still want to contact me about a job? Read on!

If you're contacting me about a job: please include the phrase "Bravo Foxtrot Uniform", just so I know that you've done your research. It at least lets me know you reached this page. I explain my reasoning for this over here.

I would also appreciate it if you took the time to read my work history to get to know the kinds of companies I've chosen to work at before.

The best way to contact me is via email or Twitter (@ryanbigg). However, before you contact me please read the rest of this page.

My Ideal Role

My ideal role is the one I'm currently in: mentoring junior developers at a large-ish company. I built this role myself, so I'm very keen on keeping it.

I have an incredible passion for growing new developers, and this is what I would love to keep doing over the long-term. As such, I am currently not interested in any "senior developer" role at a company. I would really rather be teaching people at the moment.

Or if someone was to pay me to mentor juniors and write books full-time then I'd be up for that too.