Chromedriver v115 was released recently and causes this issue to appear on Macs that use Chromedriver for automated testing.

unknown error: cannot find Chrome binary

Traceback (most recent call last):
       16: from 15  chromedriver                        0x0000000100df056c chromedriver + 4179308
       15: from 14  chromedriver                        0x0000000100df0414 chromedriver + 4178964
       14: from 13  chromedriver                        0x0000000100dacd1c chromedriver + 3902748

This is due to Chromedriver looking for a new binary called “Chrome for Testing”, which was recently released from the Chrome team.

To fix this bug, you need to download Chrome for Testing, unzip it and move it into your /Applications directory.

Mac’s Gatekeeper program will not let you open this executable by default, as it came from a .zip file. To work around that problem, run:

sudo xattr -cr '/Applications/Google Chrome for'

This will remove the security restriction that is blocking this application from opening.

Run your test suite again, and it will now work.