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16 Nov 2015

As of today I am quitting all maintenance roles / responsibilities of any open source project I am involved in. I am now looking for maintainers for any of those projects. Volunteers can contact me@ryanbigg.com to discuss handovers.

I work full-time, a full 40 hours a week. Outside of that work, I am writing Multitenancy with Rails, 2nd Edition. That work gets done primarily on my way into and out of the office, a 30 minute train journey one-way. I also spend the occasional weekend day doing some writing.

Outside of this full-time work, I have lots of “life stuff” that I’d like to do. Things like spending time with my wife, going outside or just generally relaxing. Having open source emails sitting in my inbox during those times makes me feel guilty for doing those things instead of working on open source.

I do not have the time or energy to invest in open source any more. I am not being paid at all to do any open source work, and so the work that I do there is time that I could be spending doing “life stuff”, or writing. It is not fair to expect me to do even more work outside of my regular work, and then not get fairly compensated (time or money) for it. It’s also a great recipe for burnout and making me just generally grumpy. To have an open source email sit in the inbox for days or weeks at a time just leads me to feeling more guilty about not having found time + energy to get to it yet.

It’s for this reason that I’ve decided to end all my engagements with open source effective today. I will not be responding to any comments, issues or pull requests that get filed on any repository that I am in charge of. The only thing I will be responding to (in this regard) is volunteers who want to take over the maintenance of the projects.

Thank you for respecting my decision.