I promise I’ll get back to the technical side of things soon. If you’re reading this in desperation for more technical goodness I hear there may be a book that will sate your appetite.

I’ve been thinking for the past couple of days of all the different possible combinations of what could happen. It effectively boils down to three options:

  1. Marcelo and Larissa get the place they applied for and we all move out together. Rent will be cheap but there are 3 other people I'd be sharing a house with: Marcelo, Larissa and Adrianna (the reason I'm moving out in the first place). They like parties, I don't.
  2. Marcelo and Larissa don't get the place they applied for, and then we're stuck in the sticky situation of me calling back my rental buddies saying things like "You know how I said I didn't need that place? I actually do need it." then them saying something like "It's been taken" and me pulling a GIGANTIC SADFACE.
  3. I move out to Narwee with one of the rental buddies I found on easyroommate.com.au, Tim.

The third option to me sounds like the best and most sensible right now. In hindsight, I don’t know why this solution wasn’t obvious from the beginning. If I move out of this place and Marcelo and Larissa don’t get the place they applied for then it frees up the room for Adrianna to move into. I get to move to a new neighbourhood with a person with similar interests and perhaps meet some new people. I also free Tim of a roommate who’s a bit of a “daddy’s girl”. A definite win-win-win.

I’ll be out of here in probably two weeks, catching the train into work which is awesome since being on the train will give me more time to do writing / other things.

Exciting times!