Rails 3 Book

20 Apr 2010

If you read the entirety of my last post then you may have seen this:

Yup, you heard it here: I'm going to take on writing a book. This is why I want you all working on Rails and the community, because I simply will not have the time to sit in the IRC channel or on Stack Overflow to help you out anymore. Somebody else needs to step up and "be me" temporarily if I am to complete this book by the end of the year. I want your feedback on this! So contact me on twitter or e-mail me with ideas of what you think should go in a book about Rails.

I am going to be writing a book about Rails 3 and I have a general idea of what should go in it (tests first, deployment to heroku and document databases, to name a few things), but what would really make this book worthwhile to all is your opinion. I did mention that Twitter and email were fantastic ways to reach me, but really I'd rather a discussion for this, so I created a new UserVoice account for this. It's called Rails 3 Book and I'd really like to hear from you about what you think should go in this book.

So far I have a very, very basic Table of Contents. It's going to be a long process, but a very, very exciting one. I look forward to working with you on this book and I hope that you buy it when it comes out.

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