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(Inspired by Derek Siver's /now page movement) -- Last updated 29th November 2019.

First and foremost: I'm a husband to Sharon and a dad to Ella. Being a dad is very awesome. Seeing a little human grow is the most amazing thing. Ella is now making friends through daycare and she's sharing her energetic personality with people other than her close family.


Culture Amp's Junior Engineering Program has been discontinued. This means that my role as JEP Lead has been made redundant at Culture Amp and I have now left the company.

But it isn't all doom and gloom! I'm starting to do some developer mentoring in December and January to pay the bills. I'm also going to pick up some contracting work in the interim to pay the bills.


In my spare time, I'm continuing to write Joy of Elixir. This book is a gentle introduction to programming for first-timers, teaching them the ways of Elixir. Why I'm writing it is best explained by it about page. Now that I'm out of a full-time job, I have plenty of time to finish writing this book. Allegedly.

I've also recently got the rights to the Rails 4 in Action book series from Manning (only after an eight-year battle) -- and I'm contemplating how I would go about updating this book for Rails 6. It'd be a massive undertaking (several months, at least!), and I'm hoping to get other co-authors on board to help with it.


As we get toward the end of the year, I'm looking forward to taking some time off over Christmas and spending that time with my extended family. Sharon, Ella and I are headed to Adelaide at the end of December, and then Perth for New Years. We'll be back in Melbourne on January 8th.