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Rails 3.1 in Action

01 Apr 2011


I'm edging ever closer to finishing Rails 3 in Action with only 3 and a half chapters remaining (Translations, Background Jobs, Alternative Authentication and Mounting Rack Applications being the half). I'm hoping to knock them off on the next couple of weeks and then the book will be (besides the appendicies) content complete! Finally.

So I think now is a good time to announce my next book: tentatively called Rails 3.1 in Action. This book will contain the same content as Rails 3 in Action but will be specifically directed at people who are running Rails 3.1 rather than Rails 3.0 and so some of the content will be modified to accommodate these changes. The main changes of this will be the moving of the Engines and Mounting Rack Applications chapters from Rails 3 in Action into Rails 3.1 in Action, basically because Rails 3.0 doesn't have the necessary features to accommodate the awesome things these chapters do, where Rails 3.1 does. Another change is the updating of Chapter 8 from using Prototype (eeew) to jQuery (yaaaay). If you have bought copies of these chapters for Rails 3 in Action we ask kindly that you return them (the chapters, you can keep the rest of the book) and wait until Rails 3.1 in Action comes out with the updated copies.

Manning, Yehuda, our reviewers and I have been talking about the best way to accommodate the readers who have 3.0 applications as well as 3.1 applications (soon enough, this will be the case) and we have decided the best way is to split it out into another book. Rather than have a 2nd edition released so close to the first edition, we're going to give this book another name to clearly differentiate it between the original (and quite clearly, the best) Rails 3 book.

The day that Rails 3.1 is released is the same day you can expect to be able to visit your nearest bookshop and purchase this new installment of the Rails X in Action series.

Thanks for your support, purchases, comments and praise so far. It really helps!

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