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Rails 3 in Action: 50% off

27 Jan 2011

This is a very old blog post. The discount code is no longer valid.

From now until the 23rd of February, Rails 3 in Action is 50% off when you use the code rails350. This means you get the book for a discounted price of only $17.50.

Rails 3 in Action is a new breed of programming book; one that takes you on a journey of how you would develop an application in the real world, one step at a time. The book comes out of a collaboration between Yehuda Katz and Ryan Bigg (me1).

About this book

Rails 3 in Action begins by introducing Ruby on Rails and the basic underlying concepts. Right off the bat you'll be developing an application and learning how Rails works. Then we take a short break from Rails, delving instead into two of the core foundations of the book: Test Driven Development (TDD) and Behaviour Driven Development (BDD). We extensively use these practices throughout the book in order to build a maintainable application, just like Rails shops worldwide operate.

From the get go you're taught how to develop using tests, which really pays off in the end for any project, allowing you to write code that breaks less often.

Chapters 3-17 cover developing a ticket tracking application, one feature at a time. We cover things such as:

  • RSpec & Cucumber
  • The basics of a maintainable Rails application
  • RESTful routing
  • Authentication & Authorization Systems
  • Sending email
  • Writing an API

There's more than that though! Check out the chapter listing to see what other exciting topics are covered.

Chapters 18-23 go through the more advanced sections of Rails such as how to build a Railtie (a Ruby library that ties in with Rails) and how to build mini-applications that can be plugged into other applications, called engines.

Rails 3 -- and the evolving ecosystem around it -- brings a new generation of Ruby on Rails development, whilst still staying familiar to those who've used previous versions. This book is a must-read for everybody who's interested in Rails 3, from new people all the way up to experienced developers, you are guaranteed to learn something by reading this awesome book.

So use the rails350 discount code today to get 50% off on Rails 3 in Action.

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