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I wrote Rails 3 in Action, Rails 4 in Action, Multitenancy with Rails, Toy Robot and I'm currently writing a new book called Joy of Elixir.

I won a Ruby Hero award in 2011 for my work on the Rails guides. As part of this work, I worked on the Getting Started with Rails, Active Record Query Interface Asset Pipeline , Configuring Rails Applications and the Getting Started with Engines. I also wrote a Ruby setup guide for Ubuntu and one for Mac OS X. I keep some other guides in my personal guides repository on GitHub.

My best blog posts are:


Over my career I've worked with many, many teams developing Elixir, Phoenix, Ruby, Rails, Go and React applications. (Thankfully, not all of those languages/frameworks at the same time.)

The proudest accomplishments of my coding career have been:

  • Culture Amp — Junior Engineering Program Lead - mentoring junior engineers to become confident and capable engineers in a 6-month program. Prior to that: Built microservices in Elixir which talked to Elastic Search instances. Integrated the results from these services into our monolithic Rails application, which uses React/Redux.
  • Spree — I was the Community Manager for Spree for two and a half years. During this work, I grew the community substantially while managing the open source projects. Got paid to travel the world and promote Spree.
  • LIFX — Worked on a small team of developers to build LIFX's cloud API, using a mixture of Ruby and Go. Built a small Go project to simulate 100,000 concurrent connections to our message broker to load test it.

Open Source

I've contributed extensively to open source and I'm most well-known in this regard for having maintained Spree. Other open source projects that I am proud of include:

  • Twist — A book review tool that allows readers to leave review notes / errata on the book as they read it. Almost every book I have written has been reviewed through Twist.
  • ByStar — An extension to Active Record that lets you find records within a time range by providing methods like by_month and by_year. Works on Active Record and Mongoid.
  • Elastic — A small Elixir package that I built to talk to Elastic Search.
  • Summer — A tiny IRC bot framework which drives the #rubyonrails channel bot, helpa. There's also a companion Phoenix app which presents the channel logs, called logs.ex, and a React-based frontend, called logs-react. You can see this running at logs-v2.ryanbigg.com.

You can see more examples of my work on GitHub.