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My name's Ryan Bigg and I am currently gainfully employed at Culture Amp, where I use Ruby and Elixir daily.

I'm best known for my work on the Rails Guides, Rails 4 in Action and Multitenancy with Rails. I'm currently writing a new book called Deep Dive Rails.

I love teaching people about programming and writing books.

If you want to contact me for a job, include the phrase "Bravo Foxtrot Uniform". This is just so I know you've done your research on who I am. I get contacted quite a lot for work and this helps me figure out who respects my skills and time, and who wants me because I'm a warm body that knows how to code. I am not interested in relocating from Melbourne.


I won a Ruby Hero award in 2011 for my work on the Rails guides. As part of this work, I worked on the Getting Started with Rails, Active Record Query Interface Asset Pipeline , Configuring Rails Applications and the Getting Started with Engines. I also wrote a Ruby setup guide for Ubuntu and one for Mac OS X. I keep some other guides in my personal guides repository on GitHub. I've also been known to hang out on Stack Overflow.


Besides writing guides and books, I also write code. Some of my favourite projects that I've worked on are forem (a lightweight forum engine built for Rails 3.1+ applications), paranoia (a better implementation of acts_as_paranoid), by_star (date range scoping library for Active Record), dotiw (a more accurate version of Rails' distance_of_time_in_words), and summer, a tiny IRC bot framework (with inspiration from autumn), which runs the #rubyonrails channel bot, helpa. I've also built logs.ryanbigg.com (a Phoenix application) which maintains a list of IRC logs using that bot.

Work History

Over my development life I've worked with many, many teams developing Rails applications. Shown below are some highlights.

Since August 2016, I am working with Culture Amp to improve the culture of companies around the world. I am currently employed there as a Senior Developer who uses Ruby + Elixir.

From January 2015 until August 2016, I worked at Marketplacer as a Senior Developer. Marketplacer builds sites such as BikeExchange (also in the US and a few countries in Europe), TiniTrader and BikeExchange. My day-to-day work involved working on new features for the Marketplacer application, and leading the Core development team.

In 2014 I worked at LIFX, building their Cloud architecture using a mixture of Ruby and Go. This architecture allows users of LIFX lights to control their lights wherever they are in the world; and also provides integration with Nest. For example, if there's smoke detected in the house by a Nest smoke dectector, the LIFX lights will flash red.

From November 2011 until July 2014, I was the Community Manager for Spree Commerce. My role here involved leading the development of the Spree ecommerce framework, answering posts on our user group, writing documentation and giving talks all over the world about Spree.

In 2010, I introduced a small team of PHP developers at GetUp in Sydney to Ruby on Rails and the best practices (such as BDD and Agile) associated with it. Our task was to rebuild the getup.org.au site from the ground up, using Ruby on Rails.