(Inspired by Derek Siver's /now page movement)

I'm a husband and new dad, to a daughter born in September 2016. Being a dad is very awesome.

I'm working full-time at Culture Amp. I am doing a lot of Elixir work, with touches of Ruby. I am trying to push for more juniors to be hired. Mainly so I can mentor them, since that's what I enjoy doing the most.

I'm mentoring / advising some juniors at the moment and share my answers to their questions so that other juniors can read them (and it saves me time having to write them all out again!)

I am writing Deep Dive Rails. This book demystifies the Rails initialization process, and also how Rails handles requests.

I'm the current Secretary of Ruby Australia. This mostly involves keeping minutes for the association's committee meetings, but also involves some light paperwork and other duties.

I've quit maintaining my open source projects, but you might see me dabble around here and there.